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Denmark Flowers (Danmark Blomster)

I leave in just six short days for Denmark.    While this is so exciting, it is a bit detrimental when trying to grow a business.  I’m trying to be regimented in getting my post out on time and moving my business forward all why trying to train someone to cover for me at my day time job and plan my vacation.   (Photos below are from a few floral shops in Denmark)

In hindsight, I didn’t plan this vacation at a great time for my floral business.  I arrive home, just two days before Easter.  Which means that I cannot do any business for the holiday.   Don’t get me wrong, I am so excited to go…especially because my mom is going with me.  What I’m saying is that I have to start thinking of the business before I plan other things.  We could have gone later in April and it would have allowed me the Easter business.

All that being said…I am thrilled (and a little nervous) to tell you that I am opening a pop up shop for Mother’s Day.  I don’t have all the details yet, but I’m working on them and I’ll be happy to share that info with you upon my return.  The post cards are supposed to arrive this week, so maybe…just maybe they will make an appearance on next week’s post.

I’m hoping to post while I’m traveling because you know I’ll be taking photos of flowers and flower shops.  Last time I was in Denmark was in the fall, so I’m looking forward to seeing all the spring flowers this time.

Until I’m in Denmark and taking photos, I’ll tease you with this TBT (in this case Throw Back Tuesday) from my last trip.  (Photos above were taken on my walk to see the Little Mermaid. Photos below were taken at Tivoli Gardens.)

May your day be filled with beautiful flowers.  

Din dag kan være fyldt med smukke blomster.


Table Designs

Tea Tables

Hosting tea parties gives me such a feeling of satisfaction.  My guests leave full and happy and I hope a little pampered feeling.  It’s the social aspect of tea time.  Friends and relatives gathered around the table communing over a meal and drinking tea…and in some cases champagne…is what it’s really about for me.   But I love the other aspects of tea: the tea sandwiches, the scones, the little desserts, and the table décor.  Notice the lack of tea mentioned.  Don’t get me wrong, I like tea, I enjoy tea, but I’ll take the champagne, please.

I hosted my first tea party many years ago…probably 10 years ago…for a luncheon that the girls in my family would do twice a year to celebrate our birthdays.  Usually we would go to a restaurant for lunch, but I had been wanting to host a tea and since it was my turn to plan the lunch, I surprised everyone with a party.   I was given pieces of Royal Copenhagen and Bing & Grondahl porcelain from my Bedstamor (Grandmother) and other family members.   I had always been reluctant to use it, as some of it is very fragile and had been my Great Great Aunt’s originally.   However, since this would be a gentile (Ha!) event, I felt it was ok to us them.   I love the vibrant cobalt blue designs against the white porcelain.   So using that as my theme I added a bright yellow as a contrasting color.   I even made little menus for each person.   I loved every moment of it.  Unfortunately, I have no pictures to show you.  Bummer, right?

The teas have become a yearly tradition and I have extended the invite to more people, as it is no longer tied to family birthdays.   I have even been “taking them on the road” as I set tea tables for a Danish Sisterhood tea party the last two years and I’ve done them on my weekends in Bodega.  Picking a theme is always on my mind. I always have a table design (or two) going in my brain.

Though I’ve hosted a lot of tea parties, I’ve only used my Danish porcelain a few times.  The fall design I did for a Danish Sisterhood party was my very favorite…still is my favorite.  I like the wood tones that ground the design and then the pops of orange that are the perfect complimentary color to the cobalt.

Winter Danish Porcelain Tea Table

I also used it in a wintery design for a party in January on a weekend in Bodega.  Yes, those are plastic plates.  Who said, plastic and porcelain don’t go well together?  It’s sort of like wearing pearls with a t-shirt.   Casual yet elegant.  Here the blue adds to the icy look to the winter themed table.  I didn’t use any flowers in this table design but it was still fun design.  Considering the party was only a few weeks after Christmas, it was easy to incorporate some of my Christmas décor for the look.



May your day be filled with beautiful flowers.

Flower Designs

Daffy Daffodils!

Daffodils (Genus Narcissus) are the birth flower of March.  I can’t think of a better flower to bring in spring. Its bright yellow color chases away the dim grey of winter. The daffodil has many meanings which include chivalry, honesty, forgiveness, rebirth and new beginnings.

Yellow Daffodils

“If you love daffodils, you are a loyal friend and lover who takes pleasure in bringing happiness to those around you.  You are a giving person with a tendency to conceal any sadness you might feel beneath a sunny smile that brightens the day of everyone you meet.  You are a truthful person and a hopeless liar.  Your warm personality and ability to remain strong in difficult situations win popularity and admiration.”

— Samantha Gray The Secret Language of Flowers

According to there are 40-200 different daffodil species, subspecies or varieties of species and over 25,000 registered cultivars (named hybrids) divided among the 13 divisions of the official classification system.

While Daffodils

Did you know that daffodils, once cut, secret a fluid that promotes the wilting of other flowers, so it is best that they be kept alone in a vase.  If you must combine them, you need to soak them by themselves for as long as possible (overnight if you can), then rinse and add them to the arrangement last.

If you should want to grow your own little bits of sunshine, plant the bulbs 2-4 weeks before the ground freezes.  Plant them 11/2 to 5 times their own depth.  Cover with 3 inches of soil especially in severe winter weather.   Space the bulbs 3-6 inches apart.

I think they are most beautiful when potted with pansies or lining the border of your walkway.


She wore her yellow sun-bonnet,
She wore her greenest gown;
She turned to the south wind
And curtsied up and down.
She turned to the sunlight
And shook her yellow head,
And whispered to her neighbour:
“Winter is dead.”

                            — A. A. Milne

May your day be filled with beautiful flowers.Yellow & Orange Daffodil

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Spring is Upon Us!

This Sunday daylight savings begins.  I cannot wait!  It makes evenings seem so much longer.  Now when I go for my evening walk, I won’t feel like my whole night is over and I can ditch the hat with the head lamps.  Yes, I look like a dork…but there are crazy drivers out there, and I do wear black.  So the head lamps (both front and back) help to make me visible to others.  Plus I then don’t have to carry a flashlight or use my phone flashlight app.

Northern California was hit with some very heavy rains this year and now that they have subsided a bit, I’m happy to see all the flowers and trees blooming in my neighborhood.

I especially love the flowering trees.  They are just so vibrant against the evening sky.   Then I look down and there are all the daffodils and tulips popping up.   They just look like they are ready to party.

Can I tell you a secret?  I like camellias better than roses.  Don’t get me wrong, I like roses, but there is something about a camellia that just draws me in.  In the house I grew up in, we had a camellia tree (bush?), anyway, I loved the vibrant red color and the deep glossy green leaves.  The contrast between to two colors really called to me and I like how the flowers are nestled in amongst the leaves.   Unfortunately, I don’t have my own tree anymore, but I can appreciate those I see out and about on my walks. On a recent walk, I saw a butter yellow colored camellia that had big buds. Unfortunately, I forgot my phone, so I don’t have a photo to show.  Hopefully, I’ll get a good picture to show on a later blog.

Until next week…

May your day be filled with beautiful flowers.


Flower Designs

National Floral Design Day

One of the many things I love about designing with flowers is that no two designs are ever the same.  Just like snowflakes, no two flowers are alike.  Therefore, even though you use the same flowers, containers, and shape, they will always be slightly different.



I also love how they evoke different feelings or energy.   Take for example this design of sweet huck and roses in this gorgeous copper vase.  The contrast of the contemporary vase with the wild, rustic sweet huck that cages the rigid roses gives a homey feeling with a little element of surprise.  The roses helps to blend the rustic sweet huck and the contemporary vase, by being both vintage and contemporary in color.



Here, I use the same copper vase and sweet huck, but used tulips in place of the roses, adding more movement to the arrangement.  Especially as the tulips continued to grow…breaking free of their cage of sweet huck.  I actually like this arrangement with the tulips better than with roses (shhh…don’t tell the roses, I wouldn’t want them to think I was playing favorites).  Notice that the sweet huck has started to bloom, so now there is a new element to the design.


Savings Tip:  Flowers die quicker than greenery.  So keep the greenery and just replace with new flowers.  You may get two or more uses from the greenery.


Lastly, using the same copper vase, this minimalist arrangement of dahlias and monochoromic color scheme, has a more sophisticated feel versus the prior pictures.


These arrangements also show you that you don’t need a lot of flowers to make a statement.


Happy Floral Design Day!!

May your day be filled with beautiful flowers!