I was having such a wonderful time on my vacation that I never quite got around to writing a post or organizing my photos.  But now I’m home and back on a normal routine.

Denmark is just starting their spring season, unlike Northern California where we start in February during the first warm weather.  Here the daffodils have already bloomed and withered away, but Denmark is brimming with blossoming bulb flowers.

Probably the best display was in Tivoli Gardens, which was just open for two weeks to celebrate Easter.   If you’ve never been to Tivoli Gardens you must add it to your bucket list of places to see.  This is where Disney got inspired to create Disneyland.  While Disneyland has far surpassed the size and magnitude of Tivoli, I do love the quaint, fairyland feel that Tivoli evokes.

Tivoli had decked out in their Easter finery during this visit.  Our first visit we went in the evening and by the time I got to the floral displays the sky was too dark to do the flowers justice.  They were so spectacular; I had to go back in the daylight. It didn’t disappoint.

I could smell the field of hyacinth before I could see it.  The riot of color just as spectacular as the scent.   I wished I could just lie amongst the flowers.

Hyacinth Field

Probably the most enchanting were the daffodil roofs on the little shops.  These temporary shops were set up around the hyacinth field.  The shops were adorable on their own, but the daffodil roofs just sent them over the top.

Daffodil Roof

I took many photos of flowers during my trip, but Tivoli was the most inspirational.   I can’t wait to go back!!

May your day be filled with beautiful flowers!


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