Ya’ll will probably get tired of me talking about this book Atomic Habits by James Clear, but when I’m still thinking about a book days even weeks later I know it’s spoken to me. It’s Saturday morning at 6:30 am and I woke with the idea to write this blog post. This is not something I do. Mornings are quiet time for me to drink coffee and read. So for me to hop up, make my bed, get my mug of broth (ever since my cold last week coffee tastes disgusting and broth is heaven), and sit down to start writing…that is a big deal.

What do I mean by planning vs. movement? Planning is the preparation to do something and it can be and feel like movement…until it’s not. Planning can be used to procrastinate. And as my mother can attest…I am the queen of procrastination. When Mr. Clear said this, my brain went “Ding Ding Ding Ding…we have a winner!” And that’s when situations and little habits I have came flooding to me. What I thought I was doing was moving forward when in fact I was just procrastination planning. I knew on some level that I wasn’t following through on my plans. Lack of execution, I thought.

Not to say some planning isn’t movement because sometimes you have to plan to move forward for a project. You should write a business plan for example…but that is movement in and of itself because it’s actually helping you in your business.

Here’s my example of procrastination planning…I want to do an audit of my finances. Ok let me rephrase that…I need to do an audit of my finances. I don’t really want to cuz it’s not my jam…but it needs to be done. So I’ve told myself, when I get my desk all cleaned up I’ll sit down and do it. Guess what is still a mess. Because if I cleaned my desk, I’d have to do the financial audit.

I also think I need to “pretty” something up before doing it. So if I need to make a note that is on the wall by my door that tells me to walk everyday…it becomes a full blown craft project…in my head…that I need fancy appear, stickers, a fancy font and a laminating machine. So guess what…the note doesn’t get written and I don’t walk.

You think I’m joking and I’m not…these are two things I do. I know I do them. I own it.

So now to take this epiphany and make it work for me. I am still in the early stages and I’m sure I haven’t unearthed all of my procrastination planning but at least I’m now aware of it.

Guess what I’m doing this weekend? No not cleaning my desk…nope I’m doing a financial audit. Wish me luck!

Welcome! Needing to find a new career path that was fulfilling and supported my creative side, I started Marmalade Sky Floral Design. My love for floral design started late in life and was quite by accident. Thinking a floral class would help with tablescapes that I love to create, I fell in love with the art and the people in the industry. I was taking interior design courses, but switched my focus after my first semester in the floral program. Now, I have started my own company, albeit part time, hoping to grow it into a full time career, all while working from my home. I have a deep love for my family & friends, tea parties, travel and of course flowers.

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  1. Joan Rasmussen

    Sounds like a good book, I’m going to check it out since I am also the Queen of Procrastination. Congrats on your insights! Now I feel inspired to also write a blog post.

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