Wreaths are so much fun. They can be whimsical, elegant, dramatic, monotone, colorful, round or square. So many varieties and no two alike…much like a snowflake.

I’ve curated a few Halloween wreaths from my Pinterest board. Enjoy!

I love bats! People who know me would be surprised because I’m not a fan of flying things, but I just think bats are cool and are a staple in my Halloween designs even though I don’t think they are scary…unless they are flying at my face. Lol. Anyway, this design is from HGTV.com.

I can’t express how perfect this next wreath is. First of all…they used a picture frame…hello brilliant. Painted a bright orange it will stand out against pretty much any door color. Then use a twig or branch (gee I may have a few of those) and then attach a scary looking crow. This wreath can be used right through Thanksgiving since crows are just one of the many symbols of fall. I think I need to make this one for myself. Click here to visit 4onemore.com.

This next crow inspired wreath is from Creative.Craft.Love. I love that she named it the Nevermore Wreath. Using a fabric that is black and white but not Halloween themed makes this more hauntingly beautiful than garishly screaming Halloween. It also highlights the flowers and raven better instead of competing.

This next one is so elegant looking. When I was first reading the instructions on how to make it I was a little surprised that they had spray painted the flowers because you can buy black flowers. But then I thought…brilliant! By spray painting you can use any type of flowers you want and you can do this anytime during the year. Plus I like the little bit of color that pops through…giving a little depth. I really like the fluffy yarn used to cover the wreath frame. It gives the piece texture and a plushness. If you look at the36avenue.com you’ll see a version without the skull. I like them both equally.

When I do posts like this I always like to add something that I’ve done myself…but I really don’t have a good Halloween wreath that I’ve done. So I posted a piece Hall I did for our office. I used a metal tray (I think it’s used in incubators for baby chicks) I’ve had in the office for years with the intent of using it for plants or something…I used it to hold this ensemble of fall goodness. It will be easy to take the Halloween out and keep it right through Thanksgiving.

P.S. I put a fall wreath that I made at the end of the blog to make up for not having a Halloween wreath.

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May your day be filled with flowers!

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