You all know how much I love moss and lichen so I was so happy to find this book a few months ago. It’s called Moss “Discover. Gather. Grow. From forest to garden; a guide to the hidden world of moss. The book is written by Ulrica Norstrom who tells about her love of moss and how that came about. Her story should have made her fear moss, but instead it turned into a life long love for the soft, green, blankets of moss.

The book also contains a chapter on the anatomy of moss, how it grows, and practicalities. Did you know that moss doesn’t have roots?  Instead they have little hairs or fasteners called rhizoids.  Rhizoids do not absorb or transport water or nutrients as plant roots do, they act as a fastener to the surface.  

There is a wonderful chapter that descibes how to identify and research mosses in the field which lists the characteristics, where to find them and how to use them.

Around the World.   This chapter highlights individuals that do handicrafts or gardners that work with mosses.  It also showcases gardners that have purposefully used mosses to enhance the beauty and serenity of the space.

The next section gives instructions on adding moss to your garden by transplanting or sowing. This is the chapter that interests me most as I have wanted to start a moss garden and use it in several projects (that are in my head still).

With the popularity of succulents and kokedamas there is an increase use of moss as well. Moss doesn’t need to be used as an accessory but can be kept green and living with careful treatment.

This book celebrates all things moss and really highlights its understated and underrated beauty. I know it is one that I will refer to again and again.

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