On one of my browse through Pinterest this past weekend, I went down a rabbit hole looking at pottery. I’ve always had a deep appreciation for the artistry of handmade pottery and porcelain. I’m enthralled watching The Great Pottery Throw Down. You can find it on YouTube and I’ve watched every single season.

Inspiration for flower design can come from anywhere but most especially from other art forms. So I thought I’d share with you the pieces that I just thought were adorable. I mean once you see what I’ve curated you will only be able to describe them as adorable as well. Also when available I provided the link so you can make purchases if you’d like…just click on the pictures.

This first piece is what started it all. Isn’t the little bird just the sweetest. This is from Jane Hogben Pottery and her website is enough to keep you entertained for hours. What I love is that when you order you can pick you background color and image so that you can customize it to fit your decor. Squeeee….I love it so. She also does flowers and other little critters. Almost too hard to decide. Though I am wondering why there are no hedgehogs. Please Jane…do a hedgehog line.

Hogben Pottery

This next potterer comes from Scotland and I love the dark, hearty looking ceramic that contrasts so beautifully with the delicate bird. I can totally see myself having my morning coffee in this mug.

Julia Smith Ceramics

Though I’m sure the first thing I’d do with this adorable bowl is to accidentally break off the birdies. Klutz that I am. But that doesn’t mean you are and that you shouldn’t go right over to Tasha McKelvey’s Etsy shop and purchase two little birdies that I’m sure would love a good home.

Tasha McKelvey

So let’s move away from ceramics with birds and move on to hearts. Hearts are probably the most used decorative element in my house and if they are itty bitty I’m all over it. Ceramics by Sigi does a great job of making this mug with a heart simple, elegant and mature. I also like the design of the mug as they put thumb groves in lieu of a handle.

Ceramics By Sigi

This next heart themed pice is by Pickle Pottery. I would probably use this as a vase more than a mug but I love the little metallic glam used in the repeating pattern.

Pickle Pottery

Here are some more that I really liked. Unfortunately some I was not able to source the makers.

I love tea cups with the imagery on the inside.
So clever and sweet.
Mushrooms! Gotta love it. From Rogneda Craft Store

Hope you all enjoyed my trip down the Pinterest rabbit hole.

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May your day be filled with love, happiness, and flowers!

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