I’ve been telling you that I was going to redesign the website, which is currently being worked on, but along with that comes a need for a new design. A fresher, brighter look. Something that really reflects me as well as the company.

This really begins with the need to reprint my business cards. While I loved my current design when I first started out, there are issues with them. First being that they are black on both sides which limited my ability to write a note to someone before handing them my card. I also needed to add my social media as I didn’t have that established when I first printed the cards. And lastly, that is imagery from the print house which meant if I wanted that on my website, I had to use their design platform. It limited my flexibility. Though I do love the big bold flower on them.

I’ve been collecting color schemes in Pinterest since I started my account with them a million years ago, so I went to that board to seek inspiration. I knew going in that I wanted to use a coral or orange color in my design because the Marmalade Skies rose (yes, that’s where I picked my name from) is coral colored. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to use blue or teal as a contrasting color. I tried pulling colors from one picture into another and I wasn’t getting it just prefect. And then I came across this and it was like the angels sang and the heavens opened up. I had found it! I was so excited I spent the whole weekend doing design work.

Visit paperheartdesign.com for beautifully curated color schemes.

A little help from my friends.

My friend Janis from @livingminiatures is helping me design my website and let’s be honest…it wouldn’t get done if she wasn’t doing it. She’s also making me step out of my comfort level…with great results. Keep your eye on the website. Changes are happening and they are beautiful!

Even my “about” page is getting a makeover from my friend Heidi. She probably knows me the best since we have known each other for over 30 years, so who better to write about me than her. Besides she’s an amazing writer and while she mainly works on writing copy for performing arts organizations, she is so versatile and talented that she can write for anyone. You can contact her at rebelmezzo@yahoo.com if you are in need of a writer. I’m sure I’ll be employing her to write other things for me as well. And I’ll definitely let you know when the About page is completed.

Here is my first attempt at a business card design. I’m totes in love with it, but I’m sure there will be some more tweaks made before I go to print. I’ll also be doing a few more designs as well because I do like that about my current cards. What do you think?


Needless to say I’m excited about the direction the rebranding is going and can’t wait to see some of this actually printed.

Other News

Last night was my first virtual class. I had two attendees and it was so much fun. You don’t know what you are missing. Here are my students arrangements. Leave it to my niece to go rogue and do a vase design instead of a bowl. But she is 8 and still did a fantastic job. Amy’s piece was just as beautiful. I just love to see how other people design and create.

In just a little over a week it will be Mother’s Day. A little bittersweet as my annual pop up shop will not be open. Don’t fear though…you can preorder and I will safely deliver flowers to your mom, mommy, mother, ma, mum, grandmother, Bedstemor (that’s for my Danish family), etc. I’m offering two sizes a $40 and a $65 bouquet. OR you can send a gift certificate (in any amount) for them to redeem later…when stuff isn’t so cray-cray. Not sure if I’ll get this up on the website in time so email me at marmaladeskyfloral@gmail.com to place your order.

May your day be filled with beautiful flowers!

Welcome! Needing to find a new career path that was fulfilling and supported my creative side, I started Marmalade Sky Floral Design. My love for floral design started late in life and was quite by accident. Thinking a floral class would help with tablescapes that I love to create, I fell in love with the art and the people in the industry. I was taking interior design courses, but switched my focus after my first semester in the floral program. Now, I have started my own company, albeit part time, hoping to grow it into a full time career, all while working from my home. I have a deep love for my family & friends, tea parties, travel and of course flowers.

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