Oh I’m so excited. About a month ago I ordered amaryllis bulbs to prepare for the holidays as well as some caladiums bulbs (tubers). I’ve heard them called both so I’m not sure which is correct but they look more like tubers so that’s what I’ll call them.


Anyway! I’m super excited to get them planted. Now, as I have said, I am not a green thumb…not quite black…more charcoal grey thumb. So this is a total whim for me to have bought the caladiums. Once I saw them on the website..omg…I couldn’t resist. The colors are amazing. Now I just have to hope I can grow them with the intent to make up some colorful pots to sell at events and on the website.


I loved making up pots of amaryllis this past Christmas and they sold quite well. However, I was a little tardy to the party with planting them and I don’t think they bloomed for the holidays. This year I’m determined to get them planted in late October so customers will have blooms for Christmas. To do that I had to buy them now and store them until then. But here’s a sneak preview of what I purchased.

I will keep you updated as they grow. I hope they inspire you to purchase some bulbs/tubers and grow some for yourselves.

May your day be filled with beautiful flowers.

Welcome! Needing to find a new career path that was fulfilling and supported my creative side, I started Marmalade Sky Floral Design. My love for floral design started late in life and was quite by accident. Thinking a floral class would help with tablescapes that I love to create, I fell in love with the art and the people in the industry. I was taking interior design courses, but switched my focus after my first semester in the floral program. Now, I have started my own company, albeit part time, hoping to grow it into a full time career, all while working from my home. I have a deep love for my family & friends, tea parties, travel and of course flowers.

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