Since Memorial Day is just around the corner, I thought I’d share 10 Summer Flowers perfect for a vibrant bouquet. Grow them or buy them, these will make you feel like you are basking in the sun.


Probably the most iconic flowers of summer, these beauties come in many different sizes. Most people think of sunflowers as seed bearing giants, but they come in several varieties.

Celosia (Cock’s Comb)

This annual is part of the amaranth family and is edible as well as ornamental. This feathery, colorful flower makes for bright spots in any arrangement.


Growing up I hated marigolds. It was just about the only flower my Dad would grow. He doesn’t like, in his words, “leggy flowers”. Marigolds grow low and don’t get out of control. I assume they were low maintenance as well. It wasn’t until I got into flower design did I know that marigolds came in a larger very vibrant orange. Now I really like them.


These happy little flowers come in the most ah-mazing colors. The ones shown below are called Queen Red Lime and are among my favorite.

Astilbe (False Goat’s Head)

Astilbe has become a staple in wedding design with it’s light feathery stems and soft colors. They scream bridal.


Can you believe it’s taken me this long to mention this flower. So gorgeous and romantic perfect for late spring and early summer occasions. I love the transition in color that they make, starting dark when in bud stage and lightening into a softer hue as it opens. The pics below are of the same flower at different stages.


Lilies come in so many varieties that are well known to us all. But whether they are Oriental, Asiatic, callas or water you cannot deny their grace and beauty.


Probably the most popular summer flower they one of the few that age and even dry well on the plant. The most known colors are the blues and purples, but the lime green hydrangeas are used a lot by florists for their bright green color.


As a kid you probably sat making daisy chains or head wreaths using daisies. They are a childhood favorite and always evoke a sense of carefree innocence. They brighten any landscape or floral arrangement. While they come in many colors depending on the variety the white Shasta Daisy is the most common.


Last but not least is the dahlia. This is one of the most anticipated flowers of the year for florists. Mid-summer blooms bring you straight into rich fall colors. You can find small little button size heads to large dinner plates. Something for everyone.

Hope these brought about some summery feels.

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