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This week has been frustrating…and it’s only Wednesday. In the grand scheme of things what frustrated me was not a really big deal…more of an annoyance and waste of time…and completely out of my control. Little things that pop up and should never have been an issue in the first place. But as any professional would do…you work through it. Or you rework it to get the desired results. However, by reworking the problem not only do you get the desired results, it helps to stop your brain from repeatedly running into the proverbial wall. We want to do things the “correct” way and get angry or frustrated or helpless feeling when said way isn’t working.

Reworking yesterday’s issue that wasted an hour of my time, actually opened me up to finishing a project at home. These cute little faux flower wreaths are a project I’ve had cluttering up my room for a few weeks. I was gung-ho on making this a few weeks ago, but wasn’t liking how they were coming together. Mind you, this was the first time I’d ever worked with these materials. My first attempt on the double hooped wreath was to use flower foam to link them together and stick the flowers into. I’d seen this technique on the internet, however, I just wasn’t getting the look I wanted. My second attempt was to wire the flowers onto the hoops…much like you would with a fresh wreath. Nope wasn’t digging that either. Last night, I finally used the crafters best friend…the hot glue gun. Or as I always say it…glue glun…not purposely. Now I have two adorable wreaths.

These will be for sale at the pop up shop on May 11 AND I will also be demonstrating how to make them. I have two demos schedule on May 11 one at 11:30am and the other 2pm. So, if you’d like to see how they are made, please stop by and see me on May 11.

Finally, there are some new things happening here at Marmalade Sky besides the pop up shop.   First: I’m really excited to start offering a subscription service.   I’ll have several frequency plans available.  I’m hoping to start this in June.  Keep an eye out for more details and if you come to the pop up shop you can get a coupon off your first delivery if you sign up for the service.   Second: I’m continuing to work on building the website…and learning a lot in the process.    The website will allow you to place orders, send inquiries, and see my full gallery.  I’ll keep you updated as the site progresses.   You may have even noticed that I added an events page to the website…so you’ll want to keep an eye on that!!

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May your day be filled with flowers!

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Pop Up Shop!

I’m so excited to share some details on my pop up shop. Conveniently held the day before Mother’s Day…ideal for getting your mom, grandmother, wife, or auntie the perfect gift. I started the pop up shop two years ago with just flowers and plants but always with the intention of expanding it to other items made by friends and family. I want to totally support the other creators in my life as they have supported me. This year, I’ve been able to do that! Without further ado, here’s what you’ll find at my shop.

Kid’s Make and Take Bud Vase

Bring your child in to design their own arrangement for mom! I’m so excited to offer this service. Nothing could be more special than a child presenting beautiful flowers in a bud vase that they designed themselves.

Mini Gardens

My friend Janis at Living Miniatures is preparing the most adorable creations to sell at the shop. You guys…I’m serious…just look at how adorbs they are. And they are all made from reclaimed materials.

Cards and Magnets

I’ve worked a few photo shoots with Ann from Trixiepix (see my masthead above) and I’m always amazed at the magic she makes with just a few clicks of her camera. I’m so very honored that she will have her cards and magnets for sale at the shop. The perfect item to round out your gift of flowers or a plant. To see some of Ann’s creations visit her website at or her check out her Instagram @teadrinkertrixie.

Jams, Jellies, and Marmalades

My friend Heidi is super talented in writing and singing, but her talents also lie in the kitchen. Her preserves are so delicious and unique. She is who makes the marmalade that I give as thank you gifts. I will have some of her jams, jellies and marmalades for sale at the shop. So many flavors to choose from you’ll have a hard time deciding which one to bring home…so you should get two…ok five jars.


I will be doing two demonstrations during the day of the event. The first at 11:30am and the second at 2pm. I’m still working on the subject of each demonstration, so keep checking my FB page for more details. These demos are free, so just stop on by to watch and learn.

Flower Arrangements

Did you think I might have forgotten about the main event? Nope. While I never know what the final output will look like, as I am inspired by the flowers, I do know that I will have a full range of styles, colors and sizes to suit your needs.


I always like to have some plants available for those who want something more permanent. This year I’m going to try to have a bit of a variety instead of just succulents as I did in prior years. I’m looking forward to getting my hands a little dirty.


Preorders are available just email me at and it will be ready for pick up on May 11!

I so hope you can stop into the shop on May 11! Even if it’s just to say hi! I would love to see you!

P.S. I accept cash, check and credit cards.

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May your day be filled with flowers!

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Hey! I’m adulting here!

Sometimes the smallest things makes me feel like the actual adult my age says I am. I say the smallest thing, but I’ve made them monumental in my mind. So monumental that they are often debilitating, causing me to push the task to the back of my mind to avoid at all costs.

I’ve already told you that I’m the Queen of Procrastination. This shouldn’t be a surprise at all.

The other day my hairdresser, (shout out to Teri!) was taking time between her clients to cut the foils used to color hair. A normal task for her but as I verified I wasn’t getting my hair colored (cuz it wouldn’t surprise me that I forgot) she said that she was just prepping for a future client. And I thought…look at her…adulting!

When we are young we envision being an adult as being married, having a job, having kids, owning a home, etc. Those are the big parts of being an adult. What we don’t realize is that the small things are even more about becoming an adult. We make decisions, are responsible, take care of others, plan ahead, and basically decide to get out of bed every day.

So why am I talking about adulting on a blog about flowers and business? That would be because I finally adulted. One of those small tasks that turned monumental. I procrastinated so long that it became embarrassing and it the longer I went without doing this task the more embarrassed I became. This one task was holding me back from moving the business forward. It prevented me from taking it to the next level.

Last week I finally did what I needed to do and guess what? It was painless and not as embarrassing as I made it out to be. Adulting for the win!


On to more fun stuff. I will be holding my Mother’s Day Pop Up Shop this year. I will be open on Saturday, May 11 with flower arrangements, plants and gifts available for that special woman in your life. I’m still working all the details so I will do a longer post about it in the next few weeks. I hope you are all able to come see me on the 11th.

Arrangements from a past pop up shop.

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May your day be filled with flowers!

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I have mad respect for people who teach for a living. The ability to give someone knowledge is awe inspiring no matter the age of the student. It’s not just imparting your expertise on those wanting to learn, but there is so much work that goes into making sure that just one class goes smoothly and that you capture your student’s attention.

I have always had a fascination with teaching. I would play school when I was a child. In elementary school I was a teacher’s aide during the summer. Even when I was taking Floral Design classes, I was a teacher’s assistant. So it’s only natural that I incorporate classes into my business plan. Mind you this is not an easy task for me. Standing up in front of others speaking, engaging and teaching is very hard for this introvert. However sometimes the joy or desire of doing something out weighs the scary stuff.

Just about this time last year, I taught a wreath class…this was my first class I had ever taught on my own. I loved it. I felt good, it felt natural and it felt satisfying. So this year I vowed to myself to hold more classes. Yay, me!

My lovely, talented students!

Great…so there is my commitment but that left me a quandary. What do people want to learn? Finding projects that are interesting, yet easy and fun is not a simple thing to do…at least not for me.

So once I’ve come up with a lesson I have to plan it…which means I get to do a little playing in my studio. This is how I came up with my April class of a Spring Basket Arrangement. I’ve been wanting to make birds nests for a while and had thought it would be a good class. But just making a birds nest wouldn’t make for a very intriguing project, so I thought it could then be applied to an arrangement. The perfect spring decor.

Coming out of this very rainy winter season, it was so wonderful to be able to work with the spring flowers. Pussy willows, larkspur, tulips, heather and ornamental kale was a dream to work with and made for a colorful, bright display. (Though the lighting in this picture doesn’t do it justice.)

Once the subject of the class is determined there is still work to be done. Marketing, ordering, organizing and prepping before students arrive. While this can be a little daunting, I do enjoy this process as much as the designing.

Just like any job, there is much behind-the-scenes work that goes into teaching just one class, so I can’t even imagine tackling a full semester curriculum. And I don’t have to grade papers! Like I said, mad respect for the teachers out there.

You will learn so much in this class…easy flower arranging, nest building, and bow making. I could teach a class just on making bows!

If you would like to take my spring basket arrangement class, please email me at Class details are below. And if you aren’t able to attend this class but would like to hear about upcoming classes, please follow me on social media.

Spring Basket Arrangement

Sunday April 14, 2019

11am-1pm (snacks provided)

RSVP by Friday, March 29 to

As I work on scheduling more classes for this year, I’d love to hear what type of classes you’d like to attend.

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May your day be filled with flowers!

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Planning vs. Movement

Ya’ll will probably get tired of me talking about this book Atomic Habits by James Clear, but when I’m still thinking about a book days even weeks later I know it’s spoken to me. It’s Saturday morning at 6:30 am and I woke with the idea to write this blog post. This is not something I do. Mornings are quiet time for me to drink coffee and read. So for me to hop up, make my bed, get my mug of broth (ever since my cold last week coffee tastes disgusting and broth is heaven), and sit down to start writing…that is a big deal.

What do I mean by planning vs. movement? Planning is the preparation to do something and it can be and feel like movement…until it’s not. Planning can be used to procrastinate. And as my mother can attest…I am the queen of procrastination. When Mr. Clear said this, my brain went “Ding Ding Ding Ding…we have a winner!” And that’s when situations and little habits I have came flooding to me. What I thought I was doing was moving forward when in fact I was just procrastination planning. I knew on some level that I wasn’t following through on my plans. Lack of execution, I thought.

Not to say some planning isn’t movement because sometimes you have to plan to move forward for a project. You should write a business plan for example…but that is movement in and of itself because it’s actually helping you in your business.

Here’s my example of procrastination planning…I want to do an audit of my finances. Ok let me rephrase that…I need to do an audit of my finances. I don’t really want to cuz it’s not my jam…but it needs to be done. So I’ve told myself, when I get my desk all cleaned up I’ll sit down and do it. Guess what is still a mess. Because if I cleaned my desk, I’d have to do the financial audit.

I also think I need to “pretty” something up before doing it. So if I need to make a note that is on the wall by my door that tells me to walk everyday…it becomes a full blown craft project…in my head…that I need fancy appear, stickers, a fancy font and a laminating machine. So guess what…the note doesn’t get written and I don’t walk.

You think I’m joking and I’m not…these are two things I do. I know I do them. I own it.

So now to take this epiphany and make it work for me. I am still in the early stages and I’m sure I haven’t unearthed all of my procrastination planning but at least I’m now aware of it.

Guess what I’m doing this weekend? No not cleaning my desk…nope I’m doing a financial audit. Wish me luck!

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I am a Florist!

Those of you who know me may think the title of this post Flower Shop Sign with Dahliasmay be a little odd.  But hear me out.  Because my florist business is a side hustle and not my daytime job, I have a very hard time saying “I’m a Florist” when someone asks what I do for work.  I clearly state the company I work for and what I do, but then there is this awkward moment on how to approach my side hustle.   To be honest, since it is my side hustle, I never knew if I could actually state that I am a florist.   I mean, I went to classes and received a certificate stating that I’m a florist.  So why can’t I say it?

Recently, I realized this about myself…how I shelved that part of me.  Self promotion not being a strong suit of mine didn’t help the matter either.  However I have acknowledged it and have promised myself to do better.  Then today, I started a new book (via Audible) called Atomic Habits by James Clear.  One of the many eye-opening things he states is that you have to identify and basically own the person you want to be.  Totally generalizing what was said, but it’s the gist of it (or what I took away from it).   Isn’t it ironical (I know that’s not the correct word), that I had just been thinking this and now here was this expert telling me the same thing…reinforcing that my thoughts were correct.   (Side note:  I highly recommend the book Atomic Habits.  As I stated, I just started it today, but already I’ve gotten alot of great ideas and new ways of changing habits.)

So this is me stating it…I AM A FLORIST!!!

Now that I’ve made that statement…come visit my social media sites (my attempt at self promotion).  Like, share, or send me an email just to say “hi”! Even better…tell me who you are!!!

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May your day be filled with beautiful flowers!






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2017 Year In Review



Happy New Year!  (Better late then never.)I hope that 2018 brings much happiness to you and your family.  As I watched 2018 roll in, I noticed my friends on social media say “good riddance” to 2017 and talking about just how horrible it was.  And let’s just say there were a lot of negatives in our world, needless acts of terror, death, devastating acts of nature, and let’s not talk about politics.  However, I think when looking back on the previous year, it is easy to focus on the negatives and not remember those little nuggets of gold that are scattered throughout the year.  I think in order to move into a new year, it is necessary to remember the good from the previous year and to send it off with a fond farewell.   I firmly believe that if you focus only on what went wrong last year, it will foster negativity for the coming year.  Besides…you will be happier thinking of all the funny, exciting, loving, wonder-filled events that happened. 


So here goes…a quick list of the good that happened in 2017.

1. I travelled to Denmark with my Mom on the 1 year anniversary of her heart surgery.  To be able to go on a trip like this with her was so very special.  We’ve travel together all the time, but we had never gone out of the country.  The year before I spent April driving to and from San Francisco to see her in the hospital everyday.  I much preferred traveling to Europe with her.  We walked everywhere!  Prior to her surgery, she wouldn’t have been able to do that much walking.  I am so very blessed to have been able to spend time with her on that trip.  Definitely a memory I will never forget.

Little Mermaid
Not the best picture, but as you can see it was very windy April in Denmark.  I didn’t care what the weather was like…I was in Denmark!

2. My first Pop Up Shop was a success!!  I have dreamt of owning my a shop since I was a child and for one day, I had one.   I remember this one moment where I was sweeping the foyer and it really felt like I was a shop owner.  And I was!   I had so many people that supported me by either helping me set up, working with me, or coming in to purchase an arrangement.  Again, I am blessed to have so many wonderful, caring, and loving people in my life.  (Hint:  Keep an eye out for pop ups in 2018!)


Alex & Me
Christmas 2016…no picture was taken this year I as I was in bed with a cold. 


3. My son has been home for a year after being in the Marines for 5 years.  Now technically he came home in 2016, but there was talk of him moving to Oregon, which fell through, so he’s been home for the year.  Now normally I support his goals and dreams, but secretly, I was glad to have him home again.  The kid (kid…he’s 28) cracks me up.  I was never quite sure what he was planning on doing now that he was home and that Oregon fell through.  But he is never one to ask for help or favors so I knew he would find his way.  During this year, he studied on line and got his certificate as a personal trainer and now has a job at his gym.  I’m so proud of him that he has found what he wanted to do and to go out and get it.  Finding his way back into civilian life was not easy, but I was always knew he would succeed in what he set his mind to as he’s always been smart and responsible.


4. Woman that have been victimized found a louder voice this past year.  While you might not think of this as going on the “positive” list…because we are talking about verbally and physically abused women…it’s more the fact that we are being heard and actions have been taken…in some cases.  It’s not perfect…but it’s progress.

5. I watched my town and county rise above the devastation that hit our community.  The fires were unexpected, terrifying and heart breaking, but #sonomastrong came through from everyone.  In that I found hope and inspiration.

There is my top 5 from 2017.  What are your top 5?  What inspired you or made you thankful?  I would love to hear from you.

Looking forward into 2018, I’m extremely excited and motivated.  While I was sick and doing nothing, I brainstormed and took notes for what I wanted for this year.  Not just for the floral business but for me personally…and sometimes those lists overlapped.  I’m trying to put infrastructures in place to support these goals and projects I have planned.

Here are few things that I’m eager to get started on this year:

This year, Marmalade Sky will be offering a subscription service where you can have fresh, seasonal flowers delivered monthly or bi-monthly to your home or office.  My plan is to launch this service this spring, so keep your eye out for more details.

Purple Dahlias

Lastly, there will be another Mother’s Day pop up shop.  I had so much fun doing this last year and seeing all of you that came to the shop.  It was really wonderful.   I’m also noodling with the idea of having more frequent pop up shops throughout the year.

TrixiePix - blue and white

I’m currently designing my website, which I hope to have up and running by February, which will contain my portfolio, and have ways of which you can order on line.

As you can see I’m hitting the ground running.  My mind is spinning in many directions, but they are all pointing the correct way!

Happy 2018 to you all.  Thank you for your love and support this past year.  Hope to see you soon!

Wire Heart



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Commitments – the follow up

I really can’t believe a month has gone by and that we are heading into the final months of the year.  Crazy.

Journal 1My month of commitments to myself was a struggle at times.  Mostly with setting aside the time commitments.  At the same time, it was extremely rewarding in other areas.   Sometimes the simplest task that was completed would bring the most reward because it was something I had avoided or put off.

The biggest struggle for me was on the business side.  After working an 8-hour day, the last thing I wanted to do was to think about work again.  The 4 hours a week I set aside was too ambitious.   Trying to keep to the days and times I had allocated was extremely hard to do.  I needed rethink my commitment…augment it in some way.   I never quite got anything concrete down.  However, because I recognized my struggle, thoughts of the business were forefront in my mind more so than ever.  Lists were made, marketing plans in place, and increased social media presence.  I didn’t abandon it completely.  I just did things in littler chunks of time.  Honestly, I’m still trying to figure out how to fit all this into my schedule in bigger chunks.  Where there is a will, there is a way, though, and I am hopeful to get this working smoothly.

Journal 2As for the personal side…well that just went splendidly.  Every morning I sat down for 20 minutes and wrote in my journal reflecting on the previous day and looking forward to the day ahead.   Within my journaling, I would make a daily commitment to myself.  Sometimes it was the same commitment day after day because I wanted it to become a habit.   One day I was running late and I only had 12 minutes to write.  I got in such a dither about it.  Such a silly thing to be worked up over but nonetheless, I was quite upset.  Once I got myself controlled, I made a commitment to make up the time later that night.  And guess what?  I did!  By taking 20 minutes each day I learned and gained so much.

  1. A better understanding on how I sometimes go blindly through the day without being present. Ask me at the end of the day how it was, who I saw, or what I did, I would struggle to recall. Because I wasn’t present in the moment.
  2. By reflecting on the previous day and the way I felt, I could change up the current day.
  3. There were several times I would say “no” to something during the day because that morning I had made a commitment.  I set goals that push me further yet are easily attainable.
  4. I always wrote the next day’s date on the top of the next page.  This would just reinforce that I was going to write again the following day.

All-in-all, I think this was a very successful journey and I will definitely continue to make commitments to myself…and keeping them.

If you made a commitment to yourself this month, I would love to hear about it.  We can all learn from each other.

Now…we need some flowers to look at.

Fall Flowers

May your day be filled with beautiful flowers!

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The very word “commitment” can be either scary or a comfort.  It can be both hard and easy to do.  It can be a burden or self-fulfilling.  With just one word, so many feelings arise usually based on whether you are doing the committing or are the receiver of a commitment.

Now you may think I’m talking about marriage since I’m a florist, but I’m speaking about a broader scope and more precisely about commitments to one self.  It is easier for us to make and keep commitments to others.  It’s completely different when we do so for ourselves.   Just think about it…what is a New Year’s resolution but a commitment to yourself?  Also one that is easily broken…usually within the first month.  We are quick to push our own needs, wants, & desires aside for another, whether that be a child, spouse, good friend…or sometimes in my case a good book.

Straw Flowers 1

This is not a new concept to me.  I know I put some of my own commitments on the back burner if I really don’t want to be bothered by them.   It’s probably my number one topic with my therapist.  So what made me sit down and write this blog post about this subject and not flowers?  Simply stated, my best friend.

The other night I was having dinner with my bestie from high school.  Literally we met in 9th grade and had every class together.  We were bound to be best friends or enemies…luckily friendship won out.  Anyway…that was many, many, many, moons ago.  Here we are in our late 40s and both of us are working on changing our careers.  She has the most gorgeous voice and sings with operas and philharmonics. Jealous!  However, she’s cut back on that and is focusing on her first love…writing.  Something I know she will excel at because she is a super talented writer.  Again, jealous!!

Straw Flowers 2

So, as I was saying, we were sitting after dinner (finishing our wine) and she said how she had writer’s block and that she sat staring at the computer for two hours the day before.  She has been struggling with a certain part of her novel, which she had abandoned for a while and wrote some short stories, and that just yesterday morning she finally realized that part of the book would have to be scrapped and reworked.  She was thrilled with that, because it finally gave her some movement on the project.   This led us into discussing the fact that she commits (there’s that word again) to writing two hours every day.   So for two hours every day she sits in front of her computer and writes…or as in the case the other day…staring at a blinking cursor.

This is what I pulled from our conversation.  Her commitment to herself and her writing is to put aside two hours every day…no matter if it’s productive or not.  Had she not sat with writer’s block the day before, she may not have given herself the OK to scrap part of the story that isn’t working. Therefore, the novel would be at a standstill.  I bet if I spoke with her today her two hours were probably really productive.

I like that her commitment was a bit vague.  I think sometimes we get a little too detailed (at least I do) and then when one thing goes wrong we scrap the whole idea.  Her commitment to write for 2 hours every day is an easily reached goal.  She could have committed to writing 25 pages every day. Totally unreasonable and tightens the parameters of her commitment, which would lead to feeling like a failure or have her abandoning the entire novel not just a section of it.

Straw Flowers 4

OK, so what does that mean for me? As I’ve already stated, I know this is an issue for me and I’ve been working on it and things have been better.  I know I have to find things that support my commitments and in some ways makes them easier for me to deal with on a daily or weekly basis.   Calendars are a big help for me.  If it is on the calendar, then it’s a little harder for me to push is aside.  Take for example about 3 months ago, I signed up for a new gym (mind you I’m still paying for 2 that I don’t go to).  Not only do I just really like this gym but also I can sit down for the week using an app and schedule all my work out sessions with the trainer and they link to my calendar.  Now when someone asks me to do something on that day, I know that I’ve already committed to a training session.   I’ve tried using a calendar for my working out on my own…but it hasn’t worked well.   I won’t cancel a training session because I don’t want to inconvenience the trainer, but there is no one I’m inconveniencing if I don’t go for a walk…well except myself.  BOOM! There we have what I’ve been writing about all along.  It is easier to say “no” to myself then to someone else.

Now…to apply my AHA moment.  What should it be?  I want to make a commitment to help with my career and one a bit more personal.

Business:  I’m going to set aside 2 hours twice a week to work on building the business.  That could be social media, advertising, strategy, floral designs etc.  Prior to this, I had committed an undisclosed amount of time on Tuesday evenings for social media (mostly blog writing).  As you can tell from my lack of posts that this just didn’t work.

Personal:  I’m going to take 20 minutes every morning just to focus on me (with no electronics), to think about what I can do for myself every day that is healthy for my body and my mind.  What will I eat for that day that is healthy and good for me?  When will I fit in some exercise?  Am I just so exhausted that I’ll need to schedule a nap after work?  Maybe it’s that time of month and I know I’ll be on the “see food” diet that day so I better stock up on pretzels & chocolate.  The point of that 20 minutes is to have “me” time.

That is a total of 6 1/2 hours per week I’ve just committed.   Since this is almost the beginning of September, I’ll commit to you, dear reader, that I will write a follow up blog at the end of September that will let you know of my progress.  And by committing to you, guess what?  I’ve supported my own commitments.  Yay!

Have you made a commitment to yourself that has or hasn’t worked?  Want to make a commitment to yourself but just haven’t done it?  I would love to hear about it!

Straw Flowers 3

PS: I wrote this blog last week, but wanted to run it by my friend first, so I am about a week into my commitments. So far things are going really well and I’m really enjoying my 20 minutes to myself more than I thought I would.  The photos above were part of the time I spent on business matters. 

May your day be filled with beautiful flowers!

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Collaboration – Fun for all

Sometimes I am so wrapped in my brain that I forget to look outside my box.  For some reason, on this particular day, my head popped up outside the box and I immediately texted my friend Anne and asked if she wanted to do a photo shoot with me.  Anne aka is an amazing photographer and loves all things nature, opera and tea.  She is a graceful yet vibrant woman, which is reflected in her photos.  She has just release the first edition of The Tea Drinker, a stunning booklet about tea, food, and other fun goodies.

After I texted her, she readily agreed and we started excitingly sending each other ideas into the late hours of the evening.  Both of us anxious to hear what the other had to say.   A date was soon set.  I mean really…like in just a few weeks we pulled this all together.

We met at my house, I had pulled out all my teacups and saucers, and Ann had brought some of hers.  Then the fun began, because even though we had texted each other ideas, we really just went with the creative flow.  No real planning, just building ideas on the fly.   Two creative minds at work…well really three as our mutual friend Heidi was there as well.   I had purchased a variety of flowers with no plan and it all just really worked out perfectly.

Anne took hundreds of pictures and I took a lot too.  Oh man, does she have the talent for seeing things through the camera lens.  My pictures are nowhere near as good as hers.   I’d be jealous if I didn’t like her so much!!   She really made the flowers look fantastic.

So here are a few of the pictures that were taken.  Anne is still editing.  I can’t wait to share more with you.

May your day be filled with beautiful flowers!