Top 3 Ways to Push Through the Road Block

More times than not, I find myself not fully engaged. Whether it’s hiding myself away from the world (I.e. chain reading…literally starting another the minute I finish one) or avoiding doing tasks that need completing. This is my automatic. Meaning when I’m feeling overwhelmed, depressed, tired, bored, etc….I hibernate. Unfortunately that can last weeks at times. Sometimes I don’t even know I’m doing it.

Trust me, I’m working on not withdrawing into my cocoon…it’s a main topic of discussions with my therapist. We talk about recognizing that is my state of mind and giving it a time limit. Because it’s totally OK to hunker down and hide for a day. My problem is it can last weeks.

I especially hate that I let my hibernation, affect my business and my health. But this is a business blog so we will focus there…not saying your health doesn’t affect your business…

So what do I do to push through that block?

Make Lists

While I may shut down at times, my mind may be going a million different directions. Right now, I’m coming off of the Art & Garden Festival and moving into doing a few craft festivals for the holidays. So my mind is doing a post mortem on the Festival: what went wrong? what went right? what do I want to do differently? However my mind is also in November (shutter) on a craft show and now I’m thinking about what to make, how to display, how much to make, etc.

What clears my head are lists. A list for just about anything. It can be a to do list, an inventory list, a shopping list, whatever it is that will clear the clutter. Maybe a list format isn’t for you. Maybe your a more brainstorming or mind mapping type person. Maybe journaling is better for you. You do you…just get it out of your head.

Do One Thing

So now that your list or brainstorm is done…do one thing on the list. You’ll be surprised how doing just one task, no matter how small, will kick start you again. There is nothing more satisfying than checking an item off your list. Confession time…I’ve been known to write something on a list that I’ve already done just so I can check it off. Even if you skipped the list making part, just doing one task will get you past that block.


I like my ducks in a row…sometimes to a fault…but when I’m unorganized I don’t think as well. I’m not one of those creative people who thrive in chaos…not judging at all. As anyone who has ever worked with me knows…don’t touch my freakin’ pencils. I want be on the phone and blindly reach for a pencil knowing exactly where it is. Don’t move anything on my desk either, it’s where I want it, you don’t sit here so don’t move it.

A lot of time when I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed is when I’m not organized. Taking some time to put things away where they belong, doing my filing, or…going back to step one…making a list.

So that’s my three things that get me past my blocks. Get me moving forward. Get me out of hibernation. Word of warning though, do not get so bogged down in writing lists or organizing that you use it as a tool to procrastinate your end goal.

What gets you past your road blocks? I would love to learn some tips from you!

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Planning vs. Movement

Ya’ll will probably get tired of me talking about this book Atomic Habits by James Clear, but when I’m still thinking about a book days even weeks later I know it’s spoken to me. It’s Saturday morning at 6:30 am and I woke with the idea to write this blog post. This is not something I do. Mornings are quiet time for me to drink coffee and read. So for me to hop up, make my bed, get my mug of broth (ever since my cold last week coffee tastes disgusting and broth is heaven), and sit down to start writing…that is a big deal.

What do I mean by planning vs. movement? Planning is the preparation to do something and it can be and feel like movement…until it’s not. Planning can be used to procrastinate. And as my mother can attest…I am the queen of procrastination. When Mr. Clear said this, my brain went “Ding Ding Ding Ding…we have a winner!” And that’s when situations and little habits I have came flooding to me. What I thought I was doing was moving forward when in fact I was just procrastination planning. I knew on some level that I wasn’t following through on my plans. Lack of execution, I thought.

Not to say some planning isn’t movement because sometimes you have to plan to move forward for a project. You should write a business plan for example…but that is movement in and of itself because it’s actually helping you in your business.

Here’s my example of procrastination planning…I want to do an audit of my finances. Ok let me rephrase that…I need to do an audit of my finances. I don’t really want to cuz it’s not my jam…but it needs to be done. So I’ve told myself, when I get my desk all cleaned up I’ll sit down and do it. Guess what is still a mess. Because if I cleaned my desk, I’d have to do the financial audit.

I also think I need to “pretty” something up before doing it. So if I need to make a note that is on the wall by my door that tells me to walk everyday…it becomes a full blown craft project…in my head…that I need fancy appear, stickers, a fancy font and a laminating machine. So guess what…the note doesn’t get written and I don’t walk.

You think I’m joking and I’m not…these are two things I do. I know I do them. I own it.

So now to take this epiphany and make it work for me. I am still in the early stages and I’m sure I haven’t unearthed all of my procrastination planning but at least I’m now aware of it.

Guess what I’m doing this weekend? No not cleaning my desk…nope I’m doing a financial audit. Wish me luck!